First Things First champions the advancement of family-centered, comprehensive and high-quality early childhood education. Their work directly impacts and supports the development, health and early education of children from birth through age 5 — a crucial window for healthy development — by empowering families everywhere.

The Challenge

The early childhood education industry is historically underserved and undervalued, despite being one of the most pressing matters for today’s families. Fose+McKay was brought on to help bring First Things First’s groundbreaking work to the forefront in a way that resonated with parents and created a lasting impact on the industry.

The Solution

Bringing power to the profession was the ultimate goal. We used effective messaging through multi-media advertising campaigns, brought to life through video, social media and data visualization graphics, to bring First Things First’s expertise to the people who needed them most — today’s parents. By crafting early childhood marketing campaigns in a way that met parents where they are, in a way that eliminates any uncertainty, shame and bias around the issue proved to be incredibly effective in bringing light to the importance of focusing on early childhood education.

The Impact

Our long-standing relationship with First Things First continues to elevate the importance of high-quality early education in a way that has made longstanding impacts across the industry. By consistently reminding the general public that early education is the foundation of a healthier, happier and economically-sound future has allowed for First Things First to grow a massive audience and continues to push a steady cadence of informative content out to them.




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