QFI inspires meaningful connections to the Arab world by creating a global community of diverse learners and educators and connecting them through effective and collaborative learning environments — inside and outside of the classroom.

The Challenge

The variety of stakeholders and partners involved in the QFI organization created the need to articulate a consistent, compelling brand identity unified across all digital, print and web platforms. This needed to be done in a way that resonated with both the Western and Arab worlds, while promoting collaboration and engagement through QFI’s resources.

The Solution

Fose + McKay helped develop a consistent look-and-feel, which has since been translated into an ongoing cadence of informational content. On a monthly basis, Fose + McKay develops a broad range of printed materials and informational infographics to connect students to resources and programs at QFI events on the ground and across their platforms.

The Impact

QFI has successfully extend their mission through engaging creative materials showcased at high-profile events including the SXSW and ACTFUL conferences, along with launching a new brand to celebrate QFI’s 10th organizational anniversary. Similarly, Fose + McKay has led the ongoing development and design of data visualization tools used across all of their digital channels, with copies distributed throughout the U.S., U.K. and Germany.




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