SSP America believes when you gather, communities grow, whether that’s at home or in the airport. That’s why SSP is passionate about bringing quality food experiences to the busiest airports around the country. In turn, these food experiences help to create career opportunities for thousands of skilled restaurant workers.

The Challenge

At the height of the pandemic, air travel was at an all-time low. That meant airport restaurants were sitting empty, and restaurant workers were unemployed. As America began to return to the workplace, airport restaurants faced a skilled-worker shortage. SSP had incentives but needed a strategic campaign to get our airport restaurants fully staffed and ready to serve.

The Solution

With the right campaign, branding, and incentives, you can get qualified candidates out of unemployment and into a bright career. Fose+McKay secured a fitting domain, created an eye-catching campaign logo mark, and strategically launched a series of display ads that featured poignant headlines that catered to skilled restaurant workers enticing them to apply for job through an optimized landing page.

The Impact

When campaign elements converge, unequaled results are bound to follow. After launching the campaign, applications went through the roof and SSP America was able to fully staff their airports within weeks. Getting restaurant workers back into their chosen career is not only great for communities and families, it helps reduce the amount of individuals on unemployment, therefore relieving state and federal resources.




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