Project Type

Fose+McKay was tasked with redesigning the Diane and Bruce Halle Foundation website to create an efficient and streamlined site with luxurious design, content focused on their mission, and seamless integration of grant management and scholarship systems that will optimize their internal user experience, as well as any potential grant applicants’ user experience. We were tasked with clarifying their mission while maintaining brand standards with a scalable website that will be able to adjust with their needs.

The Challenge

Incorporating grant management and scholarship systems into the website also presented unique technical challenges, including data security, automation, and integration with other systems. Despite these challenges, we developed a solution that optimized internal user experience. We then developed a complimentary user experience for potential grant applicants, while staying true to the Diane and Bruce Halle Foundation's mission and branding.

The Solution

The Fose+McKay team deployed an image-forward website to highlight categories of giving and engage potential donors. By incorporating emotionally resonant images that connected with the organization's mission, visitors quickly grasped the impact of each category. The use of images broke up text-heavy content, making it more digestible. The image-forward approach also guided potential donors towards specific giving categories and inspired them to take action. This approach combined visually compelling design with clear calls to action, resulting in positive feedback on donor engagement and giving.

The Impact

By streamlining their internal processes, the Diane and Bruce Halle Foundation was able to more efficiently manage their grant and scholarship programs. The image-forward website made it easier for potential donors to understand the impact of each category of giving and inspired them to take action. This resulted in increased donor engagement and giving, allowing the organization to further their mission and make a greater impact. The Fose+McKay team was able to successfully deploy these solutions for the organization, resulting in positive feedback from both internal stakeholders and external donors.




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