As one of the largest collections of Contemporary Western American and Native American Art in the world, the Eddie Basha story is one of our favorites to tell time and time again. In an industry that can be distant and perceived as inaccessible, Eddie Basha’s world-renowned collection wasn’t just about the artifacts – it was about building relationships and uniting people across the world through a shared love of art.

The Challenge

Eddie Basha’s collection is more than a curation of beautiful art – it’s a legacy. The Fose+McKay team was tasked with branding the Basha gallery and telling it’s story, while finding new and engaging ways to share the collector’s important lessons of relationships, humor and love with the world.

The Solution

To capture a life of joy, passion and sincerity was a task that could only be accomplished through multi-media efforts. Our team created a series of five thematic videos that interviewed all those touched by Eddie Basha’s life and legacy, and let their stories do the talking. Because to us, the impact and experiences of world-renowned artists, family members and loved ones allows Eddie’s legacy to live on, bringing an authentic and refreshing approach to the gallery’s marketing efforts.

The Impact

Today, these videos and other gallery-branded marketing materials allow for the one-of-a-kind artifacts of Eddie’s collection to reach audiences around the world in a way that captures the essence of the curator himself – allowing his love of art to live on forever.




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