What started as a one-off infographic has turned into a monthly high performing, multi-channel campaign for IWS client, Qatar Foundation International (QFI).

With three infographics published, and more underway, we’re excited to share our work and the results we’ve been able to achieve for QFI.

Meaningful Content

QFI inspires “meaningful connections with the Arab world.” They provide students and educators in the Americas and Europe with Arab Culture and Arabic Language grants, opportunities, and resources. Creating meaningful content is central to QFI’s goal of providing students with resources to learn a new language, connect with a different culture, and broaden their world-view.

QFI wanted “to create an original and shareable infographic for social media (and maybe for classroom posters in the future)” in celebration of UN World Arabic Language Day 2017. The idea was to illustrate the rich Arabic language root system and the variety of words that can stem from a common root.

The Challenge

In creating this infographic for QFI, we needed to consider:

  • Platform: how do we create content that can live on a website, social channels, and the walls of a classroom?
  • Brand: how do we create a design that is on-brand and incorporates the sidra tree, made famous by Qatar Foundation’s logo?
  • Language: how do we communicate with both Arabic and English speakers?
  • Audience: how do we create a design that appeals to educators and students and also captivates a wider audience?

The Results

Zulfa Ishak, our lead designer on the project and a native Arabic speaker, created a design that “portrays the intricacy and depth of the Arabic language in a simple and organic way.”

Other than the homepage, the infographic landing page was the most visited page on QFI.org the month it was posted. On Facebook, the infographic outperformed the average of all posts from the same month across all major metrics:

  • 427% better reach
  • 423% more impressions
  • 614% more comments
  • 1,245% more engaged users

Following the success of the Arabic Language Root System infographic, we began a monthly campaign to design and share a new infographic every month.

The second infographic was launched on and celebrated International Mother Language Day 2018. Zulfa took the opportunity to bring QFI’s concept to life and create an “easy to understand infographic that illustrates the highly diverse world of Arabic dialects.”

As with the previous infographic, the Dialects of the Arab World infographic drove a significant amount of traffic to the QFI website and was the top landing page from social media traffic the month it was published. It also outperformed the average of all posts from the same month across all major metrics on Facebook:

  • 111% better reach
  • 89% more impressions
  • 533% more comments
  • 468% more engaged users

Moving Forward

QFI just published the latest infographic we created for them, an overview of the history and types of Arabic Calligraphy. To connect with QFI’s audience in another meaningful way, we’ve started creating accompanying videos that bring the infographic to life. This expands the reach of the infographic on platforms like YouTube and provides another piece of content to share on social media – extending the life of the campaign.




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